Managed Anti Virus

If you don’t have any virus protection on your computer, you are at risk when browsing the internet. We can install a secure anti virus program that will protect you from the newest threats on the internet. After the initial installation, the program will continue to update to ensure up-to-date protection. We have different packages available.

Server Maintenance & Setup

Digital Guru offers server maintenance on your schedule, along with new server setup and support for any small or large business looking to upgrade their infrastructure. Without a proper IT service plan, the network will not run as expected. Our network administrators will ensure that your organization’s network is operating smoothly.

Network Setup & Support

Business depends on a strong, secure network for files, emails, and basic internet access. Digital Guru offers setup of your entire network including passwords, hardware, and support to maintain your business. From building your network to securing your network, we keep your downtime to a minimum.

Hosted Services

We also specialize in providing server grade services to businesses that may not need a full server setup. Functions such as email, website hosting, data backups, and more are provided. We use safe and secure setups with easy customization.

Business Contracts

Digital Guru specializes in providing IT services to businesses that may not have one or would like to utilize our extensive computer experience. That is why we provide agreements for businesses that are interested in regular maintenance on your schedule. We will keep you up and going so you don’t have to worry about it.

Digital Guru Backup

With so many viruses and data deleting programs and events out there, it is easy to lose all of your data in an instant. That’s why Digital Guru provides a simple, secure, and safe way to backup your files. With cloud technology your files are backed up on a location away from your computer, ensuring a safe and effective way to store and recover files.

Phone Systems

We offer many types of business phone systems customized to your business. Digital Guru will also maintain your phone system to keep the calls coming in.

New Computer & Office Setup

With many different types of office types, Digital Guru provides many different computers to meet your business needs. We also provide data migration to the new computer as well as on site setup and support.